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More objects and props

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Jan. 22nd, 2006 | 03:49 pm
posted by: miss_tress in lowellcounty

- Golf clubs: intended to be donated to a charity auction by Lex; instead he uses one of them to smash up a parking enforcement officers car in 'Dichotic'.

- 'Identity Crisis & Mental Illness': a book read by Clark in order to try and help Cyris in 'Visitor'. This could also be a reference to the DC Comics limited series 'Identity Crisis' even though the episode aired before the series was printed.

- Strips of magnesium powder: used by Cyrus in the electronics lab to simulate starting a fire with his mind in 'Visitor'.

- Orange safety vest: worn by Clark while picking up trash while serving his community service time in 'Precipice'.

- Alien masks: worn by Eric Marsh and cohorts while robbing LuthorCorp vans in 'Witness'.

- Crossbows: used by Eric Marsh and cohorts to stop the LuthorCorp vans in 'Witness'.

- Metal plate: what Eric Marsh has in his head due to an explosion in a chemistry lab, Clark uses the image of the plate that he saw with his X-Ray vision to identify Eric at school in 'Witness'.

- Heart-shaped locket: given to Emily Dinsmore by her dad when she wanted to have a special necklace like Lana, she loses it in a mausoleum and Clark finds it there as proof that she's not a ghost in 'Accelerate'.

- Table tents: Lana uses her calligraphy skills to write the names on them for Lex's wedding rehearsal dinner in 'Callling'.

- Blue note cards: Clark writes his best man's speech for the rehearsal dinner on these in 'Calling'.

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