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Jan. 2nd, 2006 | 09:41 pm
posted by: lookupdown in lowellcounty

Clark joins the football team that is coached by a fire-starting meteor freak. Lana quits the cheerleadering squad to find herself. Lex butts head with Lionel over the Luthor plant.

Guest Stars:
Dan Lauria as Walt Arnold
Dave Paetkau as Trevor Chapell

Recurring Stars:
Jason Connery as Dominic Senatori
Sarah-Jane Remond as Nell Potter
Hiro Kanagawa as Principal James Kwan

Written by:
Greg Walker

Directed by:
Greg Beeman

-Walt Arnold coach for 25 years
-Coach Arnold was going for his 200th win
-Arnold's fire-starting ability came from constant exposure to meteor rock from his private sauna. He used meteor rock for steam instead of normal ones.
-Arnold discovered the ability when he got angry at Principal Kwan.
-Coach Arnold coached Pete's dad and brothers and also Clark's dad in football.
-Clark mentioned Chloe's cappuccino dependency.
-Lana was hired & then fired at the Beanery(sp?).
-Chloe wrote an article, "Football, sport or abuse?"
-Chloe's happy about hate mail. Hate mail=Hitting a nerve
-Whitney is captain of the football team.
-Whitney's football number is 12, Clark's is 32, Pete's is 23. I didn't catch Whitney's practice jersey number but Clark's and Pete's are 89 and 39, respectively.
-Jonathon tried out for the Metropolis Sharks one summer against his father's wishes.
-Lana's mom and aunt were cheerleaders.
-There's Apple computers in the Torch office
-Coach Arnold shares the same last name as another character Dan Lauria played, Jack Arnold, the father from the Wonder Years.
-It is mentioned in Season 4 that the SV's high football field named, Arnold Field. *I'll double check that later. I wrote this down so I wouldn't forget.

*Note:I kept note of what they wore in this episode, let me know if you want me to post that too.

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