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The Plan

Lowell County Public Records Planning Community
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Welcome to the Planning community for LowellCounty.com! This is the community where the little minions elves do all of the shoe shining and toy building to make all the magic happen in the morning. If you want to be one of those elves, feel free to join up and participate!

Submissions must be written in a dry, professional writing style--no opinions or unnecessary emotional adjectives--just plain facts. For example, the sentence "Chloe was wearing a red shirt" is acceptable, while "Chloe was wearing a beautiful red shirt" is not.

Please note that any submissions are at the editorial mercy of veaglarwen and chiri_chan (and any other persons we may choose as an editor). We reserve the right to copy edit submissions as well as choose which submissions to post on LowellCounty.com We will take ideas that we feel fit well within the theme of the site. In other words, if we don't use your idea or your post, don't get upset at us.

Happy Submitting!

Some things we're currently looking for are:
-Images of producers, writers, editors, fx editors, sound editors, camera persons, etc.
-Facts! We need facts like whoa.
-bios of the different things on the show (people, places, things)
al gough, allison mack, annette o'toole, bill gereghty, brad turner, brian wayne peterson, cameron litvack, cherie bennett, chloe sullivan, chris long, clark kent, clint carpenter, craig zisk, d.j. caruso, daniel sulzberg, darren swimmer, david barrett, david carson, david jackson, david nutter, doris egan, drew greenberg, eric johnson, erica durance, garrett lerner, greg beeman, greg walker, holly harold, james frawley, james marshall, jason teague, jeannot szwarc, jeff gottesfeld, jeff woolnough, jensen ackles, jeph loeb, jim contner, john glover, jonathan kent, jonathan schneider, kelly souders, ken horton, kenneth biller, lana kristin kreuk, lex luthor, lionel luthor, lois lane, luke schelhaas, marita grabiak, mark verheiden, mark warshaw, martha kent, matthew okamura, michael green, michael katelman, michael rosenbaum, michael watkins, miles millar, neil sadhu, pat williams, paul shapiro, pete ross, philip levens, philip sgriccia, rick rosenthal, rick wallace, robert singer, russel friend, sam jones iii, smallville, steve miner, steven s. deknight, terrance o'hara, thomas j. wright, tim schlattman, todd slavkin, tom welling, whitney fordman, whitney ransick