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A few bio's of things

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Jan. 2nd, 2006 | 04:13 pm
posted by: miss_tress in lowellcounty

I've been doing a complete re-watching of the show in order to take notes on objects as I go so I thought I would start off by listing the things that I have complete listings for already.

- "100 of the World's Best Limericks" by Megan Poss: The book Clark brings Byron while he's in the hospital in 'Nocturne'.
- Letter opener: project that only earns Ian Randall a 'C' in metal shop class in 'Dichotic'.
- Candlestick Holder: Pete's project that earned him a B+. He says it's about "sticking with the basics". 'Dichotic'
- A Metal "S": Clark's attempt to update the school logo. He's told "Your form could use a little function." His grade is a C+. 'Dichotic'
- "Families in Conflict: Healing the Rift" by Dr. Justin Bishop: A book read by Clark in 'Insurgence'.
- Jar of quarters: Pete buried one in his backyard when he was 10 and he thinks that now Clark should help him find it with his X-Ray vision. 'Suspect'
- "Deciphering the Mysteries of Hieroglyphics" by Dr. Frederick Walden: Book in Clark's backpack that Lex comments on in 'Rush'.
- Time magazine: Seen twice on the show. Once featuring a picture of Lana in her fairy princess costume with the headline "Heart Break in the Heart Land". The second time is their "Man of the Year" issue with a picture of Dr. Virgil Swann on the cover. 'Pilot', 'Rosetta'

More to come!

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